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Part accuracy:

The general tolerance for parts in PA11 is +/- 0.3mm or 0.3% (whichever is greater).

Due to the additive production method, tolerances and material properties can be affected by the specific geometries of any given part. Bowman monitors test parts in every build to ensure consistency from build to build but customers are wholly responsible for checking and validating dimensional and mechanical of any specific part.

If dimensions are found to be outside the general tolerances Bowman may either replace the affected part free of charge or issue a refund if Bowman considers it not possible to reliably achieve the standard tolerance.

Errors where parts have been designed outside Bowman’s design guidelines will be supplies on a best endeavour basis with no guarantee as to the resulting part.



In additional to general tolerances, thin unsupported parts has a tendency to warp – as parts cool following fusing, less dense parts tend to cool faster which can lead to distortion in parts as show below on a 1mm  thick 100 x 100mm. This can be reduced or eliminated by thickening parts.


Part Orientation.

Unless specified by the customer, Bowman will orientate parts to be built according to our own best practices as determined by our production team.