Bowman Additive Production
The Production 3D Print Bureau

What we do


Bowman AP is currently focused on manufacturing with PA11.

Having chosen HP MJF PA11 material as the optimum material for our own production parts we can also offer our expertise and equipment with this material to other businesses.

Not only is this a high grade engineering material it is also made entirely from renewable sources.

We can also design composite inserts into AM designs to add the strength or wear characteristics required for even some of the harshest applications. 


As a division of Bowman International Ltd, in addition to our EOS Formiga P110 and  HP MJF 4200 3D printers we also have a range of automated bulk post processing equipment including The Powershot S System from Dyemansion and our own designed solutions.


Our in-house design team brings together experience from across both additive manufacturing  and engineering backgrounds. 

We will also be publishing a blog going into more detail as to how additive production is changing the way the design process works. 

Intellectual Property

There are many aspects to discussions on Intellectual Property (IP) within Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing.

Whether an idea or design is worth patenting is often not a straight forward decision. We are always willing to discuss our experiences and stance on IP.